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About us

IP Technology is part of the IP Flexgroep. IP Flexgroep is an alliance of specialised temporary employment and secondment companies. We work in sectors for which we are passionate: engineering and construction. This focus is a conscious choice. Because we believe that this is how we can offer real added value for our candidates and clients.

At the end of the nineties, we started with IP Techniek, aimed at technical professionals in metal, construction, electro & installation and automotive. Our head office is in Eindhoven, in the heart of Brainport; the top technology region in the Netherlands. In the meantime, IP Afbouw and IP Civiel have been added, for professionals in finishing and civil engineering. In 2013, we expanded the IP Flex Group with Trigon, for the secondment of software, mechanical and structural engineers.

At IP Techniek we love our profession and we know the profession of our candidates and clients. As a result, we always arrange the work just a little bit better. How do we do it? See here how we do this for our candidates and for our clients.

Our Team

At IP Flexgroep we work with a team of 10 employees. We are involved, driven and interested in all the people we work with. Quality of work delivered is a matter of course for us. Just like safety at work. We operate from our offices in Eindhoven and Den Bosch. With our own way of working we mediate many professionals and beautiful clients. We are proud of our work. And it works! 

Koen Willemsen

Vestigingsleider Techniek

Email address: koen.willemsen@iptechniek.com
Phone number: +31(0)6-15194691

Sherbert Emelina


Email address: sherbert.emelina@iptechniek.com
Phone number: +31(0)6-20089430

Djordy van de Ven


Email address: djordy.vandeven@iptechniek.com
Phone number: +31(0)6 21482621

Rick van Roij


Email address: rick.vanroij@iptechniek.com
Phone number: +31(0) 621903912

René Schoenmakers

Managing Partner

Email address: rene.schoenmakers@iplexgroep.com
Phone number: +31(0)6-10925089

Maybritt van Lieshout

Manager Backoffice

Email address: maybritt.vanlieshout@iptechniek.com
Phone number: +31(0)40-8200305

Silvie Aarts


Email address: silvie.aarts@ipflexgroep.com
Phone number: +31(0)40-8200305

Kris van Boxtel


Email address: kris.vanboxtel@ipflexgroep.com
Phone number: +31(0)40-8200305